For sixty years Weston Noble has been touching hearts, nurturing minds and changing the lives of musicians. By providing insight into what has sustained this legendary conductor as his legacy has grown, this DVD is a strong offering for the improvement of conductor preparation and the enlightenment of practicing conductors and singers.

How does a gentle, unassuming man possess such an ability to elevate technique to art, allowing singers to transcend the limitations of time, place and their own skills to enter his “special world” of musical experience? As a conductor, how does his willingness to be vulnerable empower him to communicate so effectively with performers?

Marvel at the vitality that springs forth from this man, at age 82, as he motivates, educates and unifies a diverse group of volunteer singers. Unscripted, in-depth interviews provide an intimate portrait of one of the world’s most exceptional choral directors. Whether interacting with the choir or speaking candidly during interviews, Weston Noble reveals his faith, vision, humor and joyful optimism.

This DVD is for all who seek to inspire or to be inspired. If you are a conductor, it will remind you of why you do what you do. If you aren’t, it will make you wonder why not.


Those who are fortunate to see this DVD will be enriched by this heartwarming portrait of Weston Noble.  While watching it, I had the feeling I was just having a one-on-one conversation with Weston.  I know that these interviews and rehearsal sessions will be warmly welcomed and deeply enjoyed by all choral music lovers who have been touched by Weston’s spirit and by those for whom this may be an introduction to this very special man.
                                              Craig Hella Johnson, Artistic Director
                                              Victoria Bach Festival

Touching the spirit and expressing emotions, while expanding technique, Weston Noble is our choral art’s master at holistic teaching.  This video captures his unique approach to rehearsal and his singular ability to draw beauty, art and spirit from each singer.  Perpetual Inspiration depicts Weston as the treasure he is, a DVD that should be an important part of every choral artist’s library.
                                              Geoffrey Boers
                                              Director of Choral Studies
                                              University of Washington School of Music

At long last the greater choral world can partake of the spiritual and musical genius of Weston Noble through this magnificent DVD.  His remarkable personal style and charisma have been perfectly captured in rehearsal, performance, and lecture.  One of the truly great conductors of our time is now preserved for all to enjoy and relive time and time again.  Every choral conductor, singer and lover of choral music would benefit by adding this DVD to their choral library.
                                              Craig Jessop, Music Director
                                              Mormon Tabernacle Choir


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